Venice Fernandez O'Donnell
Venice Fernandez O’Donnell joined Pan Am in June of 1967.  She was one of four Jamaican natives in her class.  At that time Pan Am would always make an in-flight announcement about the nationality of crew members so company recruiters were always looking for qualified international applicants.  In the class photo below Venice is in the front row (3rd from the left).  Venice remained with Pan Am until 1972.  During her tenure Venice was based in both Miami & San Francisco.  During her west coast time she flew many Pacific trips including some “Rest & Recuperation” flights for soldiers involved in the Vietnam conflict.  Below are some photos from Venice’s time at Pan Am.  If you recognize any faces without names please let me know at and I will update the images.
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1967, June, Class photo on the steps of the Pan Am training facility Miami.  Venice Fernandez , front row, third from left.  Forth from left is Beverly Holness.  Olive Perry is in the middle row, first on right.  Joan Crawford is in the top row, forth from right .  These four women were all hired by Pan Am in Jamaica.  Friend & roomate, Bernadette Degroote is also in the top row, third from left.
1967 June, A casual photo from Graduation Day in Miami.  Roomate, Bernadette Degroote is 3rd from right.
1967 Venice Fernandez enjoys a hotel buffet lunch during a multi-hour transit on St. Croix.
1967 Bernadette Degroote enjoys a hotel buffet lunch during a multi-hour transit on St. Croix
1967 Bernadette Degroote, left,  and  Venice Fernandez, right, enjoys a hotel buffet lunch pool side during a multi-hour transit on St. Croix
1960s en route to Sydney, Australia on the left is Cheryl.  Venice is in the middle and we are looking for the name of the Flight Attendant  on the right.
1960s Guam, Venice Fernandez and a scarf wearing colleague experience a flat tire on the crew car en route to the airport.  This candid shot is of Venice trying to flag down some help.
1960s Guam,  A flat tire on the crew car while en route to the airport.  The Flight Attendants begin to remove their luggage to access the spare tire.
1960s Venice poses with Armed Service members during a transit of Saigon.  Her arcraft is about to depart with a load of soldiers heading for Rest & Recuperation away from Vietnam.  Pan Am flew hundreds of these flights during the Vietnam conflict.  They were operated at cost and not for profit..
1970s Saigon, Venice poses in the engine of a Pan Am Boeing 707 during a Saigon transit.