Finding former Pan Am Employees
The Virtual Pan Am Museum
There are a number of former Pan Am employee groups.  Links to many of the groups are shown on the “Pan Am Groups” page.  You may also access many of these groups along with a guest book and message board on the Pan Am Historical Foundation Web Site.  Below are a few of the
most sought after groups.  Most employee groups do not provide membership lists or contact information but in some instances may relay messages to members.

   Clipper Pioneers

This web site is an organization of former Pan Am pilots and flight engineers.  The group is very active with many chapters and social events around the world.

  World Wings International

This web site is an organization of former Pan Am Flight Attendants.  The group is active with chapters around the world.  In addition to social events World Wings International is also very active with fund raising for Care International
Association of Former
Pan Am Employees

This web site is intended to assist all former Pan Am employees in securing information on any pension benefits to which they are entitled from the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation.