Martin M-130 "China Clipper" Flying Boat
The Martin M130 flying boat was built by Glen L. Martin of the Martin Aircraft Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland.  Three were manufactured and all went to Pan Am.  The most famous, NC14716, China Clipper inaugurated Pan Amís scheduled Trans - Pacific service on November 22, 1935.  The Trans - Pacific service operated from San Francisco to Manila in the Philippines via Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island and Guam.  The first flights only carried air mail and took 7 days.  Passenger service began approximately one year later.  The China Clipper had a prestigious career but sank in Port of Spain, Trinidad after a hard landing on January 8, 1945. 

Sister ship NC14715, Philippine Clipper,  also joined the fleet in 1935 but was lost when heavy fog caused  it to crash into a mountain in Boonville, California on January 21, 1943.

The third Martin M130, NC14714, Hawaiian Clipper joined Pan Am in 1936 but disappeared under mysterious circumstances on July 28, 1938.   No wreckage was ever found  arousing suspicion of a Japanese government sponsored hi-jacking.  Japan was unhappy with Americaís presence in what it considered itís region of influence.  Japan subsequently developed a long range flying boat that had many characteristics similar to the M130.

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1930s  NC14716 China Clipper in flight above San Francisco
1935 Martin M130 aircraft NC14716 China Clipper moored at San Pedro Los Angeles Harbor
1930s M130 NC14716 China Clipper at San Pedro LAX harbor dropping anchor
 1930s Dinner Key, Miami, Flying Boat Terminal with M130 moored
1936 Philippine Clipper moored Pearl Harbor
1930s China Clipper being wheeled into water location unknown
1936 Men in Hawaiian cerimonial costume lead Christening procession Honolulu
 1936 Patricia Kennedy Christens Hawaii Clipper in Honolulu
1936 M130  Maintenance Crews surround  the NC14714 Hawaiian Clipper
 1936 April Fortune Pic M130 Cockpit
1936 April Fortune Pic M130 Flight Engineer
 1936 April Fortune Pic M130 Tail with crew member & folded bunks
1935 Weather equipment arriving Honolulu on early M130 flight
1930s M130 main cabin pax seated and in cabin door
1936 M130 main lounge with pax
1930s Cut-a-way of the Martin M130 in-flight.