Lynn Van Hoof-Werner
Lynn Van Hoof Werner joined Pan Am in the Spring of 1963 at the age of 22.  She did her Flight Attendant training at New York, Idlewild Airport.  There were 14 members in her class.  Lynn was based in New York after training and lived in Kew Gardens, Queens.  Her first trip was to Brussels, Belgium in a Boeing 707.  During her time with Pan Am she flew to major cities in Europe the Middle East and the Far East.  Lynn had a special fondness for Rome, Italy.  In addition to jet flights on Boeing 707s and Douglas DC 8s Lynn also had the opportunity to "crew" aboard piston engine Douglas DC7s.  She remembers those piston trips as being quite long!  During her tenure Lynn carried some VIP customers including Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rogers (of Rogers & Hammerstein) and singer, Paul Anka, who was kind enough to give Lynn an autographed music sheet for the song "I'm Gonna Write A Song About My Love."  Lynn stopped flying in June of 1964.  She currently lives in Chicago and has donated her Pan Am uniform to the Chicago History Museum.  Lynn looks back on her time at pan Am with great fondness.  Should you recognize line and want to contact her you may do so at:
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1963 Lynn Van Hoof-Werner, second from left, and colleagues pose for  the class Graduation photo  inside the Pan Am WorldPort passenger terminal at New York, Idlewild  Airport..
1963 Lynn Van Hoof-Werner in uniform & hat
1963 Lynn Van Hoof-Werner in hat and blouse with wings.  During summer months and for travel to tropical climates  Flight Attendants were permitted to remove thier uniform jackets and wear their wings on their blouse.
1963 Roomates L to R Hey Konings Tori Rijkenberg and Lynn Van Hoof-Werner Kew Gardens NY
1964 February, Lynn Van Hoof-Werner  in the First Class Lounge of a Pan Am DC 8 during a Bermuda transit on her first trip to the Island.
1964 Lynn Van Hoof-Werner traveling as a passenger steps from the first class stairs of a Pan Am DC 8.