The Globe Logo (1957 - 1991)
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Below is a very interesting article published in the March 1959 issue of Industrial Design Magazine.  The article discusses Pan Am's transition from the "globe & wing" logo to the more modern "globe" logo.  You will read about how the design team traveled extensively on Pan Am's routes around the world for several months before making any recommendations and how much of the design concept was created for the introduction of Boeing 707 jet service in October of 1959.
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The logo / branding change covered everything that customers could see or feel from airport & ticket office counter signs to ticket jackets, to aircraft seat fabric coverings, to blankets and galley curtains as well as ground vehicles and promotional flight bags.  The article was scanned at very high quality for easy reading so pages may take a few moments to download.
"Globe & Wing" Logo (1944-1957)
"Globe" Logo (1957 - 1991)