Pan Am Books
The Virtual Pan Am Museum
A Life of Flight
Adventures in Aviation
Airlines of Pan American since 1927
American Icarus
An American Saga
As Pistons Flew So Turns the World
Captain Lodi Speaking
Catch Me If You Can
Charles A. Lindbergh; Autobiorgraphy of Values
China Clipper 
China Clipper - Age of the Great Flying Boats
Clipper 806 The Anatomy of a Disaster
Cross Winds (An Airman's Memoir)
Empire of the Air
Escape of the Pacific Clipper
Fasten Your Seat Belts
Flight of the Silver Bird
Flight to Anywhere; A Navigator's Life
Flying Boats & Spies
Flying the Andes
Flying the Oceans; A Pilot's Story of Pan Am
For Pilot+s Eyes Only
From Crate to Clipper with Captain Musick Pioneer…
Glamour & Turbulence (I remember Pan Am)
High Peaks
Jet Stewardess
Listen! The Wind
Lockerbie "A Bum Rap"
More About Pan Am
Murder In Lisbon
Night Over Water
North to the Orient
Nostalgia Panamericana
One Minute to Ditch
Pacific Clipper The Untold Story
Pan Africa
Pan Am 103
Pan Am 103; The Lockerbie Cover-Up
Pan Am An Airline & Its Aircraft
Pan Am Images of Aviation
Pan American's Pacific Pioneers-The Rest of the Story
Pan Am Pioneer (A Manager's Memoir)
Pan Am, Gone But Not Forgotten*
Pan Am:  An Aviation Legend
Pan American Ocean Clippers
Pan American's Pacific Pioneers
Pan American's Complete Round the Wold Cookbook
Pan American's Complete Round the Wold Cookbook
Pan Am's First Lady
Phoenix Rising
Pictoral History of Pan American World Airways
Poster Art of the Airlines
Riding the Reef - A Pan American Adventure w/Love
Sky Gods
Skyway to Asia
Stories & Stuff from the Galley
Terror at Tenerife
The Airman's Sky is Not The Blue
The Cannonball*
The Chosen Instrument
The Clipper Heritage
The Diary and Letters of Betty S. Trippe 1925 - 1968
The Early Birds
The Fall of Pan Am 103
The Last of the Flying Clippers
The Long Way Home
The Pan Am Journey
The Water Jump*
The World - My Oyster
Thirty Years at The Outer Marker
Those Were the Days My Friend
Through Backdoors of the World in a Ship with Wings
Timmy Rides the China Clipper
Voices of My Peers
Week in the Life of an Airline Pilot
What Does an Airline Crew Do
Willful Misconduct
Winged Highway
Wings for an Embattled China
Wings over Wake
Wings to the Orient
Vincent D. Reilly
Kimball J. Scribner
Gene Banning
Jack E. Robinson
Robert Daley
Jane Gottschall
Marius Lodeesen
Frank W. Abagnale
Charles A. Lindbergh
Ronald W. Jackson
Robert L. Gandt
John Godson
Najeeb E. Halaby
Matthew Josephson
George L. Flynn
Valerie Lester
R & L Carroll
Mark Farmer
Jamie Dodson
William A. Krusen
Horace Brock
Ned Wilson
William S. Grooch
Aimee Bratt
C.V. Whitney
Jane Gerard
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
David Rollo
Horace Brock
Sidney F. Davis
Ken Follett
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Don Thomas
Cornelius Ryan
A. Tucker/M Paxton
T. Clubert & A. Dawson
Susan & Dan Cohen
William C. Chasey
R.E.G. Davies
Homan & Reilly
John Krupnick
Sanford B. Kauffman
Desmond Fairbairn
Barnaby Conrad III
Barry Taylor
Jon E. Krupnick
Myra Waldo
Myra Waldo
Betty Stettinius Trippe
John J. Nance
P. StJohn Turner
Don Thomas
Bert Voortmeyer/Nickisher
Robert Gandt
William S. Grooch
Barry Taylor
George Otis
Holland Redfield
E.K. Titus
M. Bender & S. Altschul
Robert Levering
Betty Stettinius Trippe
Lawrence Mahoney
S. Emerson & B. Duffy
M.D. Klaas
Ed Dover
Thomas Kewin
David Beatty
Zan Owen Ward
Holland Redfield
M. Emmett Ratts
William M. Masland
Carol Nay
Eugene J. Dunning
William Jaspersohn
Roy Ray
William Norris
William S. Grooch
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Pictoral Hist. Pub. Company
Pan Am Captain tells of his experiences with the company
Memories of a Pan Am pilot 1941-70s
History of Pan Am and all associated companies by a Pan Am pilot
Brief History of Rise & Fall of Pan Am
Company Authorized History 1927-1980
Flight Attendant writes of flying 1944 to 54 based in New Oreleans-Miami-New York-San Fran
Memories of a Pan Am pilot
Con Man who posed as Pan Am pilot while passing bad checks
Charles Lindbergh Autobiography including time at Pan Am
Extensive political hist of the 1930s. Pan Am Trans Pacific operations & disappearance  of Hawaii Clipper
History of the China Clipper & other seaplanes
Events leading up to and aftermath of a Pan Am Boeing 707 crash on the island of Pago Pago
Najeeb Halaby perspective of Pan Am 1965-72
History of Pan Am & Juan Trippe to 1927- 1944
Fictional account of famous round the world flight of a Boeing 314 flying boat at outbreak of WWII
Recollections  of Pan Am flight attendants 1930s-1991
A childrens book about a trans Pacific voyage on a Boeing  B314 flying boat.
The recollections of the career of a Pan AmNavigator career 1942-48
Fiction: teenager joins PA team to build Pacific  bases - names actual PA personell in the fiction
Memories of a former Panaga pilot
Pilots memoir of Pan Am 1935-1955
Memories of a Pan Am pilot 1941-70s
Detailed Biography of Captain Edwin Musick (with pictures)
Memories of a Pan Am flight attendant 1966-91
Auto biography of a Pan Am President & Board of Directors member
Adventures of fictional stewardess Maria Green
Account of Lindbergs survey flights of three Atlantic Routes
Exploration of cover up theory of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103
Compilation of three Pan Am pilot's memories- Gray / Lodeesen / Jacobs
Fictional Account  of PA crew of a Boeing 314 flying boat in WWII Lisbon & London
Fictional thriller of TransAtl trip on Yankee Clp
Account of Lindberghs survey flights to Asia
Reproductions of Pan Am promo items from the 1920 to 1940s
Detailed Account of Boeing 377 ditching in Pacific Ocean 10/16/56
Details of Captain Robert Ford's round the world Boeing B314 flight at the outbreak of WWII
History of Pan Am Africa Division 1941-43
Perspective of flight 103 bombing & subsequent hunt for the criminals by parents of a passenger
Theory of US Government cover up of Pan Am 103
Detailed History of Pan Am planes
Black & White photo history of Pan Am
Additional Information on Pan Am's early Trans-Pacific bases, crews and flights
Memoir of a senior Pan Am Executive 1920s-60s
Pilot memoir of 41 years with Pan Am
Coffee Table Book of Pan Am history and images
Written & Pictoral History of Seaplanes both Atlantic and Pacific
Pan Am Transpac pictoral history 1935-46
Recipies from around the world
Recipies from around the world
Diary of world travel on Pan Am by Betty Trippe, wife of Pan Am founder Juan Trippe
Fictional Thriller of obsticles facing a reborn Pan Am (1930s through 1960s)
Written & Pictoral history of Pan Am with extensive list of all aircraft in fleet through 1973
Reproductions of Pan Am posters from the 1930s to the 1970s
Story of young Bert Voortmeyer 1936 tour of Wake to build hotel for Transpacific Clipper customers
History and decline of Pan Am
Story of "North Haven expedition to Midway, Wake & Guam to establish Pan Am flying boat bases
Charming inflight anecdotes & recipies
Surviving passenger's recollection of a Pan Am - KLM runway colission in 1977 on island of Tenerife
Memoir of a Pan Am Captain who presided over flight training from Boeing 314  flying boats to 747 jets
Pan Am employee writes of the company's extensive Africa operations in support of World War II
Detailed history of all aspects of Pan Am from 1927-1982
Coffee Table History of Pan Am &  National Airlines produced by the pilot group
Un editied version of Betty Trippe's memories of Pan Am (not in general circulation)
Short & intimate memories of Pan Am's Miami flying boat base, Dinner Key
Account of the bombing of  Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scottland in December of 1988
In depth history of the Boeing  B314 flying boat with many photos and technical drawings
Account of the round the world flight of a Pan Am  Boeing B314 by Captain Ford at outbreak of WWII
Career history of Pan Am flight engineer Tom Kewin
History of the rivalry between Pan Am and Imperial Airways of England in 1930s-40s
Memoir of Pan Am flight attendant Zan Owen Ward who flew from 1958 into the 1960s.
Memoir of Pan Am pilot Holland Redfield
Perspective of Pan Am Miami based executive Emmett Ratts
Pan Am pilot, William Masland, recounts  flying boat experiences and service during WW II
Children's fiction of a young boy traveling via a Pan Am Boeing B314 from San Francisco to Hong Kong
Personal memories & stories of many Pan Am  employees.
Children's book about the week in the life of a Pan Am 747 pilot with  excellent b&W photos
Book for children on pilot & flight attendant duties with many photos.
Aftermath of crash of Pan Am flight 806 in Pago Pago 1/30/74
Pilot Grooch recounts experiences at "New York-Rio-Buenos Aires Airlines" & China National Airways Co.
The story of Pan Am's china subsidiary China National Airways Corporation
Aughor's recollection of Trans-Pacific flight with Pan Am pioneer pilot Edwin Musick
Pan Am Trans-Pacific pictoral history 1935-45
Below is a list of known books about Pan Am listed in alphabetical order by title.  If  you are aware of any others I would appreciate learning of them so the titles can be added to this list.  Please contact me at