Pan Am Timetables
Below are early examples of Pan Am timetables. On the left is a "system" timetable dated May 1, 1934 with a drawing of an S-42 on the cover. The S-42 was introduced that year. The "system" timetable contained information on all of Pan Am's schedules. In the center position is an "Atlantic" timetable dated Apr-May 1940 and showing the Boeing 314 "Yankee Clipper." This document shows both schedules and fares for Pan Am's Atlantic service to Bermuda and England. On the right is an "Atlantic/Pacific" timetable dated Sep-Nov 1940 and showing the airline's Atlantic & Pacific schedules and fares.
The timetable below on the left is from May 1946. The timetable in the center is from November 1953 and the timetable on the right is from March of 1957. Note that between 1946 and 1953 Pan Am’s advertising slogan was changed from “The System of the Flying Clippers” to “World’s Most Experienced Airline.”
In 1957 Pan Am began to change over from the winged globe logo to the simple globe logo. Below on the left is a timetable from June of 1957 with a prop plane flying through the globe to the top of the timetable. In the center position is a timetable from November of 1960. By this time Pan Am had introduced jets so the cover of this timetable shows a jet flying through the globe logo.
On the right is the timetable from Jun 1961. This style of white cover with blue logo was Pan Am’s predominant timetable cover for most of the 1960s.
Below are three Pan Am timetables from the early 1970s. The sunset cover on the left was issued 7/1/70 and shows the Pan Am letters spaced apart in what the company called the "wind swept" style. The middle cover of surfers and palm trees was issued 10/29/72 and shows another version of the Pan Am lettering that was used in 1972. The timetable on the right with the man in Japanese costume once again shows the "wind swept" letters only this time they are slightly touching. This version of the logo would be used until 1991 when Pan Am closed down.
The three timetables below are from the late 1970s and early 1980s. The timetable with the blue top (on the left) was issued 10/30/77 with the Pan Am lettering displayed horizontally. The Center timetable with the white top was issued 10/26/80. It has on the lower right the tag line "Say Hello to Pan Am" from an ad campaign designed to introduce Pan Am to the US domestic market after acquiring National Airlines in January of 1980. Note also that the Pan Am lettering is vertical. The timetable on the right was issued 10/28/79 and has artwork showing the lines from the Pan Am globe logo continuing out from the globe. If you draw circles around the indentations in the lines you can see the Pan Am globe logo. This is the same design that can be seen in the two timetables on the left if you open them up to show the back cover.
In January 1980 Pan Am acquired National Airlines to provide a domestic route network. Two special timetables were issued during the re-branding of National into Pan Am. Below on the left is the first timetable “Winter/Spring” with a white cover and the Pan Am / National logos appearing on aircraft tails. In the center the “Spring/Summer” timetable is the second timetable in this series with a blue background. In the right position is the back of the second timetable showing the National Airlines logo prominently on the right side. This was a feature of both timetables in this series to enable purely National Airlines stations to continue having a National identity until the merger was completed.
In the early 1980s Pan Am began to have a variety of aircraft and destination covers on their timetables. Below on the left is a timetable issued on 2/1/83. It shows on the left the tail of a 747 while on the right is the tail of a 747SP. The tail of the 747SP was slightly taller than the 747 tail. In the center of the picture is a timetable with 3 standard 747 tails on the cover. The photo was taken at JFK and the timetable was issued 7/1/84. The timetable on the right was issued on 9/7/83 and shows Clipper Freedom (N531PA) a 747 SP on the tarmac.
The three destination timetables below were issued by Pan Am in the early 1980s. On the left the Washington Monument was issued 9/9/85. In the center the Big Ben cover was issued 3/1/84 while the Caribbean beach cover was issued 10/31/82.
Throughout the 1980s Pan Am would occasionally produce an unusual timetable cover. Shown below are three such examples. On the left is a timetable issued 7/1/83 and shows Uncle Sam with a Pan Am ticket to Europe. The was part of a campaign "America's going to Europe this Summer on Pan Am." In the center is a timetable issued 2/11/86. Occasionally Pan Am would use flags of different nations in lieu of names to show destinations served. Finally, on the right is a timetable issued 10/26/86. This cover shows a flight attendant with children posing in front of the Duomo in Milan, Italy. This timetable is part of a series of three. The other two also show flight attendants posing with children in both London (by Big Ben) and Paris (by the Eiffel Tower).
This final group of Pan Am timetables is from the late 1980s and early 1990s. On the left is a cover showing sailing boats issued 1/15/90. In the center is a cover of palm trees issued 10/28/90. Finally on the right is a timetable issued 10/28/89 of a palm tree whos leaves indicate popular Pan Am destinations served from Miami.
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