Pan Am Tickets & Boarding Passes
On the left:  A Pan American ticket jacket and ticket from February 25, 1938.  The customer flew from Miami to Havana.
The Virtual Pan Am Museum
Below a Pan American ticket jacket from the 1940s.
Below a Pan American  boarding pass from the 1950s.
Below a Pan American ticket jacket cover from the 1950s
Below a Pan American agenda, ticket and boarding pass from June 1955.
A 1950s ticket cover and contents from Pan American sister company, Panagra, for a roundtrip from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile.
Below a Pan American ticket cover from the 1960s
Below a "1967 Annual Pass" issued to  top Pan Am executives for business travel around Pan Am's network.
Below, a Pan Am issued credit card available to the public for travel purchases on Pan Am.
When Pan Am introduced the 747 in January of 1970 an elaborate color coding system was used to help customers find their seats as they became accustomed to "jumbo jets" with two aisles and multiple cabins.  Below is an example of the boarding pass used which was contained on the back of the ticket jacket.
A Pan Am ticket jacket from the second half of the 1970s
A Pan Am ticket cover from the second half of the 1970s and first half of the 1980s.  The "three coupon" marking on the lower left indicates three flight coupons are contained in the ticket.  For customers with more than 3 flight segments additional tickets could be attached and conjuncted.  For customers with less than 3 flight segments the extra flight coupons could be voided or a ticket with less flight coupons used.
Below, a Pan Am charter ticket, jacket & boarding pass from the 1970s.  Pan Am used the color "green" for charters.
In the 1970s red ticket jackets were used to help Pan Am agents identify employees traveling on discounted tickets
In 1981 Pan Am initiated a program with special boarding passes for frequent flyers.  The special documents signaled Pan Am staff of the customerís importance and also allowed the customers to acknowledge employees who were especially helpful.
A 1984 electronic ticket receipt issued in Tokyo, Japan by the "Japan Travel Bureau" for a roundtrip from Tokyo to Honolulu in January
Below a Pan Am ticket jacket & luggage address stickers from the 1960s
Below a 1960s ticket cover from sister company Panagra
To the right are two types of Pan Am ticket jackets from the 1980s.

To the right is a Pan Am boarding pass from the 1980s.  In 1980 Pan Am bought a very sophisticated airport check-in system called "Departure Control System" or "DCS."  This system allowed for printed boarding passes and reduced the incidence of duplicate seat assignments.
To the right is a Pan Am "fast ticket" from the 1980s.  The fast ticket was used at the departure gate for last minute ticket changes such as a paid upgrade or a switch from one flight to another that required additional payment.  The customer paid with a credit card.