Susanne Malm:
Pan Am Flight Attendant
The Virtual Pan Am Museum
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1968 Spring, Susanne Malm graduating class for flight attendant training in Miami.
1968 Spring Susanne Malm , left, at flight attendant training in Miami.
1968 Jul Susanne Malm water ditching instruction at flight attendant training in Miami.
1969 November  Susanne Malm & colleague doorway of  Boeing 707
1968 November Susanne Malm & colleague pose between flights in the first class cabin of a Pan Am  Boeing707 with flowers left behind by customers from the last flight.  For many years Pan Am placed fresh flowers on First Class meal trasys.
1968 November Susanne Malm & colleague ipose in the cockpit of a Pan Am Boeing 727 in between flights.
1968 or 1969 Susanne Malm & colleagues in between flight pose for a picture.
1969 March Susanne Malm & colleagues pose for a picture somewhere in the Caribbean.  In warmer climates Pan Am did not require crew members to wear uniform jackets on the ground.
1969 March Susanne Malm & colleagues sitting on passenger stairs at either Kingston or Montego Bay, Jamaica.
1970s Susanne Malm in Galaxy Gold uniform with flowers
1970s On the left Susanne Malm prepares scrambled eggs in the galley of a Pan Am 707, on the right Susanne smiles for the camera in between her duties in the galley.
1970s Susanne Malm pops her head out of copilot window  of a Pan Am  Boeing 707, tail number N710PA
1970s Susanne Malm posing for a photo with a Lebanese soldiar at the airport in Beirut.
1970s Susanne Malm & crew dess up a passenger in a flight attendant uniform hat to pass the time enroute aboard a Boeing 707 .
1970s Susanne Malm in her Galaxy Gold Pan Am flight attendant uniform poses for a picture in the engine of a Boeing 707.
1970s Susanne Malm poses for a photo in a Pan Am Boing 747  engine that has been specially prepared for a ferry flight attached to the wing of another aircraft.  Pan Am would ferry engines around the world in this manner.  Engines would be ferried for specific aricraft that were grounded due to engine trouble or also as part of a pro-active maintenance program to keep spare engines available at major stations around the world for aircraft in need.
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Susanne Malm was hired by Pan Am in 1969.  She trained in Miami and was then based in New York.  As a junior flight attendant she got a lot of short "turn around" trips to the Caribbean.  As her seniority grew so did her route options and Pan Am's world opened up for her. 

She has gnerously shared some wonderful pictures of her time with Pan Am.  Should you recognize any of the other flight attendants pictured below please let me know (  so their names can be added.