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1962 A statement about a possible merger between Pan Am & TWA from Pan Am's Annual Report (click to enlarge)
1965, March,  An article on new Pan American stewardess uniforms designed by Don Loper of Beverly Hills. (click to enlarge)
1965, November, An article on the impact of winter fog on Pan American's London, Heathrow, operation. (click to enlarge)
1965, November, An article on  the history of Pan American's service to Africa up to 1965.  (click to enlarge)
1966, February, An article on the introduction of Pan American's Boeing 727-100 service to the Caribbean, Central & South America.  (click to enlarge)
1966, January, The first of Pan American's 727-100s departs the Boeing Factory in Seattle for its new home with the Miami base and service to the Caribbean, Central & South America. (click to enlarge)
1967 A chart with Pan American's financial performance for 1967 compared to 1966. (click to enlarge)
1969, October, An article on a flight attendant's impression of a 747 proving flight prior to the aircraft being placed into customer service in 1970.  (click to enlarge).
1967, A company issued statement about its extra flight activity to Vietnam in support of the war and thank you notes from US soldiars who enjoyed "Rest & Relaxation" flights out of Vietnam on Pan American.  (click to enlarge)
1966 This brief article introduces Pan Am's staff of trainers based in New York.  Pan Am was always excellent with training of new staff and recurrent training for senior staff. (click to enlarge)
1960s A Pan Am cargo agent assists with the training of a Police Dog.  (click to enlarge)
1969 Famous Pan Am Captain Gulbransen makes his final flight before retirement.  (Click to enlarge)
This page contains charts, graphs, maps and articles from the 1960s related to the history of Pan Am.  Below each image is a brief description of the contents of the image.  Click on the image to enlarge it.  When finished  reading or reviewing the image click the "close" button on the bottom right corner of the image.
1962  A statement from the Pan Am Annual Report on a proposed merger between Pan Am and TWA.
1965, March,  Article on new Flight Attendant uniforms.
1965, November  1,  Article on fog delays at London Heathrow Airport.
1965, November 15, Article on Pan Am Africa Service.
1966, January 21, First Boeing 727 accepted from Boeing
1966 February 1, Pan Am Introduces the Boeing 727 into service.
1967 Annual Report general results
1969, November 19, First Flight Attendant flies on a Boeing 747 proving flight.
1969, November 19, First Flight Attendant flies on a Boeing 747 proving flight.
1967 Annual Report company statement on Vietnam Airlift
1967 Annual Report Vietnam Airlift soldiar thank you notes
1966, June 15, Training staff from the Pan Am Building in New York City.
1960s  A police dog flies Pan Am
1969, April 14, Pan Am Captain Gulbransen Retires.
A quick reference Pan Am Flight Schedule for September 1-30, 1963.  This schedule only shows  Pan Am flights from and to US -Gateway Cities.  The entire Pan Am route network was much more extensive.  In the 1960s Pan Am published most timetable schedules in a chart format not nearly as easy to read as this partial flight list.  (click to enlarge) 
1963, September 1-30  Quick Reference Schedule page 1.
1963, September 1-30  Quick Reference Schedule page 2.
1963, September 1-30  Quick Reference Schedule page 3.
1960 First DC 8 delivered to Pan Am.
1960, April, The first Douglas DC 8 joins the Pan Am fleet. (click to enlarge)
1961, December Article on Pan Am Clipper Hall at the Pan Am Airport Terminal in New York City.
1961, October,  Information on first generation jet training simulators.
1962, January,  Pan Am Flight Attendant Language School.
1960, December, an article about the small Pan Am Museum located at the Pan Am terminal at New York International Airport (JFK),(click to enlarge)
1961, October, an article about Pan Am's first generation of jet training simulators, (click to enlarge)
1962, January, an article about Pan Am's language school for flight attendants at New York JFK Airport, (click to enlarge)