Captain Clarence Auten Jr.
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Clarence Auten Jr. was hired by Pan Am as a junior airman in 1943.  He began his career on the Boeing 314 flying boat and logged 1,501 hours on the aircraft type.  After World War II Captain Auten transitioned from the flying boats to the DC4 land plane (1291 hours logged) and the Lockheed Constellation l(2,595 hours logged).  The DC4 & Constellation were the first long haul aircraft to join the Pan Am fleet after the world. 

As Captain Auten's seniority grew he moved onto the Douglas DC6 with 3,135 hours logged and the DC 7 logging a short 452 hours.  Captain Auten also logged 4,938 hours on the Boeing 377 “Stratocruiser”  the ‘queen’ of the Pan Am piston fleet of the 1950s.

In May of 1960 Captain Auten transitioned to the Douglas DC8 jet.  Captain Auten’s daughter, Carol, recently donated Captain Auten’s flight log for the years 1960 - 64 to the collection.  Below are scans from each of the years in the log book.  The pages selected were chosen to show the diversity of routes flown by Captain Auten from 1960 - 64.

Captain Auten retired from Pan Am in 1979 at the age of 60.  Thanks to Carol Auten for this great contribution to the collection.
1960  July 8 - 29 log book page.  This shows Pan Am's service from both Detroit & Chicago to Ireland & England.
1961 March 29  - April 15 log book page.  This page shows Pan Am service to Africa.
1961, September 23 - October 12th  log book page.  This page shows Pan Am's service to  Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki in the Scandinavia region.
1963 , August 4-20 log book page with Pan Am service to points in the Middle East.
1964, February 11- March 11 log book page.   This page shows Pan Am's schedule to the heart of Paris, Rome, Frankfurt and other German cities.