Pan Am Employees & Customers
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The Virtual Pan Am Museum
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1940s A Pan Am pilot standing next to a Boeing 314 flying boat.
1940s Pan Am's first stewardess Madeline Cuniff boarding a Boeing 314 flying boat.
1940s Pan Am's first Stewardess, Madeline Cuniff in the doorway of a Boeing 314 flying boat
July 12 1940
1944 Machine Shop propeller overhaul
1945 Stewardess Lotta Westerhortsmann posing with Boeing 314 flying boat at the dock
1946 Mother & 8 children arrive San Francisco via a Boeing 314 flying boat.
1940 Actor Van Johnson at Pan Am's Miami ticket office
1940s  Flight Attendant  Fran Walker Brown posing by a DC4.
1940s crew pose by a Lockheed 749 Constellation  Clipper Courier.
1940s A Pan Am crew pose on the steps of a Lockheed Constellation.
1940s A Stewardess working  in the galley of a Lockheed Constellation.
1940s After WW II Pan Am introduced land planes on long haul routes.  Berths we no longer practical on DC4 or Constellations so Sleeperette seats were offered with ample recline & footrests.
1944 Class of stewardesses
 1940s Passengers relax on a Lockheed Constellation.
1940s  A Stewardess poses by the tail of aircraft NC19910 A Boeing 307
1940s A Stewardess walking away from a Pan Am DC4
1944 head shots of Pan Am's senior management for the Latin America division.
1944 Passenger Service review shipment of bees to Alaska
1944 Winter Parka for Alaska based stewardesses
1945 Alaska employees board a DC4
1946 Pan Am's first Constellation service to Honolulu.
1947 Pan Am Vice President Sam Pryor greeting Latin American exchange students at New York LaGuardia airport
1945 Alaska based Flight Attendants
1946 Frank Sinatra deplaning sister company Mexican aircraft.
1946 Actress Lana Turner departing on sister company Mexicana
1947 Stewardess reading to children.
1947 Stewardess  assisting a customer with her seeing eye dog.
1946 Eleanor Roosevelt & party pose by Pan Am Clipper
1947 Socialites  deplane from Nassau, Bahamas
1947 Rita Hayworth & Orson Wells deplane an aircraft from sister company Mexicana.
1949 In Tokyo passenger pose on the aircraft steps.  Though already serving Tokyo for several years these customers were the first to arrive in Tokyo aboard the then new double decked Boeing 377
1948 Captain Conrad & Stewardess who were soon to become husband & wife pose by the nose of a Pan Am DC 4.  During that era getting married would have marked the end of the flying career of a stewardess - even if she did marry a captain.
1948 A Pan Am  pilot by the nose wheel of a DC4 aircraft.
1947 Crew of Pan Am's first round the world flight pose for a picture.
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